International Necronautical Society INS Inspectorate Berlin
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call for information issued May 2005

International Necronautical Society Inspectorate Berlin
Form INSIB05/PR: Informant’s Report

The INS is continually expanding its network of informants whose reports form a vital component of the INS Inspectorate’s database on Berlin. During the current phase of investigation the Inspectorate seeks information on sites of erasure: i.e., specific locations where no trace can be found of incidents or persons of possible interest to the Inspectorate; locations where there is evidence of attempts to cover or erase traces of incidents or persons; where there is evidence of attempts to conceal such erasure (e.g., by erecting a monument or memorial plaque). Selected sites will be subjected to intensive surveillance during the course of the INS Inspectorate Berlin Aerial Reconnaissance Phase, May 2005.

Additional reports are sought from informants who have access to literary, philosophical, historical or official documentary material relating INS concerns (i.e., marking and erasure; transit, circulation and control; cryptography and death) to the city of Berlin.

Reports may be submitted in person at INS Inspectorate HQ, c/o Sparwasser, Torstrasse 161, 10115 Berlin 14–28 May 2005 or by e-mail.

The following form of information should be used wherever possible.

  1. Informant
    identify yourself
  2. Informant contact
    your email address
  3. Source
    from where you obtained the information, i.e., literary source, direct observation, hearsay (identify the speaker), internet url etc.
  4. Location
    the relevant address in Berlin
  5. Date
    the date relevant to the content of the report
  6. Report
    keep it concise
  7. Date of submission

Please contact the INS inspectorate if you are willing and interested in taking part in fieldwork activities.

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