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authorisation document issued 25 August 2006

Official Document
Title: Berlin, World Capital of Death
Type: INS Inspectorate Brief: Simon Critchley
Authorised: INS Chief of Propaganda (Archiving and Epistemological Critique), First Committee, INS
Authorisation Code: AA250806

Document follows

As part of the work of the INS Inspectorate Berlin, INS Chief Philosopher Simon Critchley (hereafter the Investigator) is instructed to submit evidence to the Inspectorate.

The Inspectorate has noted the Investigator’s earlier claim that Hegel’s compilation of his Encyclopaedia in the city of Berlin may be linked with the assembly of the German states into a nation under Prussian domination around the same time. The Investigator is required to elaborate and substantiate this claim.

The Inspectorate, furthermore proposes the development and application of site-specific approaches to the history of philosophy and encourages the Investigator to comment on the following themes already identified in the course of the Inspectorate mission in Berlin:

1. Memorial, erasure and the cult of death
2. Failed revolutions and empty tombs
3. ‘Abgrund’, surface and script
4. Intellectual and political projects of unity and totality; failure, collapse and enemies of same

The Investigator is referred to <> to review the findings of prior phases of the Inspectorate.
Investigations may be carried out remotely or in situ, future visits to Berlin to attend academic meetings providing suitable cover for field work.

The Investigator is requested to submit a dossier containing a synopsis of the findings, documentary material and brief reports providing commentary and/or speculation.

Document Ends