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Note on Necronautical Materialism
There is nothing mysterious about the Necronautical project. The aim announced in the First Manifesto of exploring, mapping and colonising the space of death does not suggest a 'beyond' of which we have knowledge, nor, emphatically, the spurious tales and consoling fictions reproduced by culture. The space of death is traced in the boundaries, horizons and faults within art, literature and language; lines, moreover, which are not transgressed but are woven into the texture of our craft. Necronautical materialism has no message from the 'other side' but is a technique for subjecting event, performance, text and map to rigorous examination and transformation.

Note on Materialist Poetics
The INS doctrine of ‘materialist poetics’ flows from Necronautical Materialism. A definition will be provided by the INS First Committee. For the time being the reader is referred to the ‘Atlas’ compiled by Anthony Auerbach from Aerial Reconnaissance Survey B in the INS Inspectorate Office of Interpretation.