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authorisation document issued 27 April 2006

Official Document
Title: Temporary Office of Interpretation
Type: INS Inspectorate Brief: Anthony Auerbach
Authorised: General Secretary, First Committee, INS
Authorisation Code: TMcC270406

Document follows

1. As part of the work of the INS Inspectorate Berlin, INS Chief of Propaganda (Archiving and Epistemological Critique) Anthony Auerbach shall travel to Bratislava to set up a Temporary Office of Interpretation (TOI).

2. The purpose of TOI shall be to work on material obtained in Berlin, World Capital of Death, 3–28 May 2005. Material includes aerial reconnaissnce surveys carried out by Auerbach and other documents.

3. TOI shall use the exhibition Pantheon: Heroes and Anti-Monuments at Galéria Medium (Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, Bratislava 814 37, Slovakia, 18 May–11 June 2006) as a host structure for an interpretative apparatus.

4. Findings on the following themes will be of particular interest to the Inspectorate: marking and erasure; crypts and cryptography; abyssal surfaces; neurotic symptoms (repression, repetition); counting and recounting.

5. Auerbach shall report to the INS Inspectorate.

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