International Necronautical Society INS Inspectorate Berlin
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report no.: 176
informant: RR
source: Topography of Terror, 1989
location: Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse (now: Niederkirchnerstr.), Wilhelmstrasse, Anhalter Strasse
date: 1933–2005

1933–45: 'Prinz Albrecht Terrain', between Prinz Albrecht Strasse (now Niederkirchnerstrasse), Wilhelm Strasse and Anhalter Strasse, was the centre of the NS security apparatus: Geheime Staatspolizeiamt, SS-Führung, Reichssicherheitshauptamt, 'Hauptgefängnis'

mid-1950s: the rest of the buildings not destroyed bombing are torn down

beginning 1960s: People forget about the meaning of the area

end 1970s: Rediscovery of the historic area

1987: 750th anniversary of Berlin, area is provisionally restored, documented and made accessible for the public, exhibition hall is built for the exhibition 'Topography of Terror'. Gestapo, SS and Reichssicherheitshauptamt

end 1987: Exhibition is extended indefenitely

February 1989: Senate convenes a commission to solicit suggestions for the use and configuration of the area

March 1990: Final report by the commision; report is the basis for further political decisions

January 1992: Senate decides to establish a foundation and to build a documentation and visitor centre

1993: Swiss architect Peter Zumthor wins the competion to the construction of the centre

April 1995: Foundation becomes independent. The foundation works on documentary exhibition on the history of the NS-Regime in Berlin

Until 1999: For the documentation and visitor centre only the basement and three towers are built owing to financial problems

May 2004: Government (Bund and Land) decides to stop the construction of the building

End 2004: half finished building is torn down

April 2005: New competion call is made

10 May 2005: INS Aerial Reconnaissance carried out by AA

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