International Necronautical Society INS Inspectorate Berlin
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report no.: 073
informant: Richie 1998 (244)
source: Constantin Frantz, Der Föderalismus als das leitende Prinzip für die soziale, staatliche und internationale Organisation unter besonderer Bezugnahme auf Deutschland (Mainz, 1879), p. 267
date: 1870s

With the depression of the 1870s Berlin became a target for anti-Semites. Wilhelm Riehl labelled the city 'the domain of the Jews' and in 1879 Constantin Frantz declared Berlin to be 'more like a capital of a Jewish Reich than a Germanic one'. Some began to see Jews at the 'heart of an international conspiracy that was corroding the German character and the European order', and words like 'modern' and 'Jewish' were used interchangeably in attacks on Berlin.