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New release issued by INS Department of Propaganda, 1 May 2005

The INS Inspectorate: Aerial Reconnaissance Phase begins 3 May 2005.

The Inspectorate’s work will be accessible to the public 16–28 May 2005 at Sparwasser HQ Offensive für zeitgenössische Kunst und Kommunikation, Torstraße 161, 10115 Berlin (Opening hours: Wed–Fri 1600–1900h, Sat 1400–1800h and by appointment)

INS fieldworkers are carrying out a series of operations dictated by INS central interests: marking and erasure; transit, circulation and control; cryptography and death.
Aerial reconnaissance operations led by INS Chief of Propaganda (Archiving and Epistemological Critique) Anthony Auerbach are focused on the identification and surveillance of sites of erasure, specifically: locations where no trace can be found of incidents or persons of interest to the INS; where there is evidence of attempts to cover or erase the traces of incidents or persons; where there is evidence of attempts to conceal the erasure. Such sites may frequently be recognised by the presence of monumental architecture, memorial plaques and the like.

The selected sites will be the subjects of photographic reconnaissance (PR) using techniques and apparatus modified from those devised by Anthony Auerbach for the works Planet and Enemy Contact Surface (2002). Results will be assembled and subjected to preliminary interpretation at Sparwasser HQ.

INS Chief Obituary Reviewer (COR) Melissa McCarthy will join the mission 23–28 May 2005 to conduct preliminary site-specific investigations concerning circulation and transit systems. COR reports ‘clumps of data emerging from recent research material suggesting the importance of analysing systems of transport, transit, translation and distribution.’ Following her current lines of enquiry into Berlin’s urban infrastructure, her work will trace the historical and physical vectors and networks inscribed in the city, examining the transmission of blood, disease, energy, population and information. These topics will form the next phase of the INS Inspectorate.

INS General Secretary and Inspectorate Director Tom McCarthy will visit Berlin 28 May to meet informants, hear reports on fieldwork activities, inspect the data which will have been assembled at Sparwasser HQ and to discuss future operations. A press conference and a public consultation will be held at Sparwasser HQ.

Surveillance of the city of Berlin is carried out under the authority of the INS Inspectorate established by the INS First Committee in 2003.

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