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new release issued 25 May 2005

Inspecting the Inspectorate
Berlin: World Capital of Death

Saturday 28 May 2005, 2000h, Sparwasser HQ, Torstraße 161

International Necronautical Society (INS) Inspectorate Berlin, currently headquartered at Sparwasser, concludes its visit with a public briefing chaired by INS General Secretary Tom McCarthy.

Tom McCarthy will be joined by independent curator and writer Inke Arns to hear reports from fieldworkers Anthony Auerbach (INS Chief of Propaganda, Archiving and Epistemological Critique) and Melissa McCarthy (INS Chief Obituary Reviewer) on recent aerial reconnaissance operations.

The INS Inspectorate Berlin comprises a series of site-specific investigations dictated by the INS central interests: marking and erasure; transit, circulation and control; cryptography and death. Results of photographic reconnaissance and other data will be made public.

Founded in 1999 by Tom McCarthy, the International Necronautical Society spreads itself as both fiction and actuality, often blurring the two. ‘Famously described as “replaying the avant-garde along the faultline of death”’ (Art Monthly, London), the INS inhabits and appropriates a variety of art forms and cultural ‘moments’ from the defunct avant-gardes of the last century to the political, corporate and conspiratorial organisations they mimicked. The INS’s manifestos, proclamations, reports, broadcasts, hearings, inspectorates, departments, committees and sub-committees are the vehicles for interventions in the space of art, fiction, philosophy and media.

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