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Surveillance of the city of Berlin is carried out by INS Inspectorate, authorised by the INS First Committee in 2003. In the course of its mission, the Inspectorate will conduct a series of examinations, interrogations and analyses in and on the city. The instructions issued by the INS First Committee detail a series of operations dictated by the INS central interests: marking and erasure; transit, circulation, transmisssion; cryptography and death. The inspectorate is instructed to make its findings public.

Aerial Reconnaissance Berlin
Dossier submitted in evidence to the INS Inspectorate
Anthony Auerbach, International Necronautical Society

40pp, with numerous illustrations
225 x 343 mm, 3-fold wrapper
ISBN 978-0-9561947-0-1
authorised edition: 250 numbered copies, hand finished with photograph attached
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Anthony Auerbach’s Aerial Reconnaissance Berlin documents a series of investigations for the International Necronautical Society (INS) Inspectorate. The dossier displays the results of five aerial surveys carried out in Berlin alongside a wealth of collateral material. Auerbach explains how the target sites were identified according to the INS’s central concerns: marking and erasure, transit and transmission, cryptography and death; demonstrates the very low altitude aerial photography technique he adapted for necronautical research; and highlights the configurations that would merit further analysis: death and air, counting and telling, failed revolutions and empty tombs.

To be appended to INS General Secretary Tom McCarthy’s forthcoming Report to the INS: Berlin: World Capital of Death.

This web site describes three phases of the Inspectorate's work and provides access to documents and images which have been released by the INS Department of Propaganda. Further phases of the operation are in preparation. INS General Secretary Tom McCarthy will receive the findings of fieldworkers and agents and deliver his report to the INS First Committee.

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